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The most trusted organisations aren't just the most profitable, they're also the happiest. With OXYTOCIN, you can achieve both by measuring trust continuously.

Why Measuring Trust Matters

Research shows that employees in high-trust work environments are
more likely to perform better
more likely to see higher levels of innovation
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Rooted in research
Tools created by experts, aligned to trust research and industry best practices, to help you optimise trust.
Customized for you
Measure what is relevant to you by taking our expert questionnaire and adding your own questions to reflect your needs and preferences.
More than just numbers
Compare your findings to your historic results, and those of other companies, and start improving trust (We're here to help!).
Approximately 32% of an employee's desire to stay or leave is the result of feeling (or not feeling) trust towards their boss.
Get OXYTOCIN and start improving the trust levels in your organisation.
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How We Measure Trust

Measuring internal trust with a simple process
OXYTOCIN enables your organisation to measure and optimise for internal trust. This allows you to return more value to your stakeholders.
Define priorities
Get in touch with us. We'll get on a video call or we can meet in person, and figure out what we're going to do.
Measure trust levels
The interactive analysis of the findings, supported by the expertise of OXYTOCIN, shows you the trust gaps and areas of excellence.
Analyse the findings
Create your roadmap to improvement, and let the organisation know what you will do.
Action on priorities
Implement your top three improvements based on what you determined is high impact and achievable.
Repeat the process
Benchmark your findings against your previous results to see how your actions impacted trust, and repeat the process.

Our Journal

More Journals
We strongly believe that trust is the new currency in a tech-driven world. We even wrote a book about it.
The Trust Economy: Building Strong Networks and Realising Exponential Value in the Digital Age.
By Philipp Kristian Diekhöner
The Trust Economy: Building Strong Networks and Realising Exponential Value in the Digital Age
By Philipp Kristian Diekhöner


Make TRUST your most-valuable asset.
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