Oxytocin aims to empower individuals as well as organisations to become inherently trustworthy and capitalise on the shift in the digital era.

We measure trust because it is vital to our well-being and social relationships. 

About us

Measure trust continuously to keep the balance, through surveys.
We use scientifically-proven questionnaires to demonstrate the impact.
Measure what is relevant to you by tailoring your survey questions.
Analyse your survey results through your personalised dashboard.
Benchmark your findings against your previous results, and to your peers.
Create activities to improve your internal trust (and we're always here to help).
Approximately 32% of an employee's desire to stay or leave is the result of feeling (or not feeling) trust towards their boss.
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Philipp Kristian Diekhöner
Chief Strategy Officer, OXYTOCIN
Asia Managing Partner, Denkfabrik Digital
Author of the Trust Economy
Weslee Trout
Chief Marketing Officer, OXYTOCIN
Digital Strategy Expert, Denkfabrik Digital
Kara Rondina
Account Manager, OXYTOCIN
Clients & Partners Liaison, Denkfabrik Digital
KH Yeo
Technical Advisor, OXYTOCIN